face services

Eyebrow Shaping (Threading or Waxing) – $22
We recognize the importance of your brows! That is why we will make sure you get an experience that will meet all your brow needs. Our service includes a consultation, brow massage and brow makeup.

Fuzz a-la-carte (Threading or Waxing) – $10
You tell us where you need the hair removed and it will be gone! Pick from Lip, Chin, Sides, Forehead, Neck, Middle of brow and Nose.

Full Face (Threading or Waxing) – $50
Get gorgeous brows and no fuzzies on your face for a perfect luminous look. Receive a full face massage at the end of the service.

Eyebrows tint – $20
Give the illusion of fuller brows with tinting so you can save some time in the morning on your brow makeup! We only offer brow darkening service.

Eyelashes tint – $22
Give your lashes a marvellous colour so your eyes standout from a mile away! Our lash tinting includes a relaxing arms and hands massage.


Eyebrows shaping and a-la-carte package – $30
Pick this offer if you are getting your brows done with hair removal of one fuzz area.

Eyebrows shaping and tinting package – $40
Pick this offer if you are getting your brows need some colour along with the shaping.

Eyebrows and Eyelashes tint package – $40
A special offer to get your brows and lashes tinted.


With Indian massages using all natural, healing oils we will make sure to give you a blissful experience.
All services available with hot oil.

Neck and Shoulders – $25
Arms and Hands – $25
Forehead and Eyes – $25

Indian Head Massage – $45
A special head massage which helps heal aching shoulders, a tight neck, tension headache, eye strain and stress. Choose from castor oil, almond oil, olive oil or baby oil (scent-free).